Posted on: April 2, 2009 5:13 pm
Edited on: April 28, 2009 10:33 am


 MLB Opening Day 2009

I've grown tired of all the Red Sox vs. Yankees threads on here, you know who you are. I'm ready for this  to  be settled on the diamond. My predicitons for the AL East are as follows: 1ST Boston Red Sox
                                                                                        2nd New York Yankees
                                                                                        3rd Tampa Bay Rays
                                                                                        4th Toronto Blue Jays
                                                                                        5th Baltimore Orioles

I'm just ready for the season to begin and whatever happens, happens. I just hope that the Sox play to their capabilities, and that should lead them to another divisional crown. Having said that i will be in attendance for a home opener, just not the game i would like to be at. I live 45 minutes west of Toronto, and my fiance scored tickets to someone's seats behind the plate, via work kickbacks! So thanks for the tickets. I will also be in attendance for the Red Sox on may31, they have an all you can eat day, so that will be a boys trip. My goal for that day is to do a hotdog and a beer every inning, with the food being free, it should get a little messy, the chili dogs there are great!      

Feel free Yankee fans to comment and tell me how wrong i am, and how the Red Sox suck, goodluck and lets get this season going already!!                                                     


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